Haunted Chair!

We found this vintage recliner upstairs all alone in an old house in Conneautville.  The wood is hand carved, and we left the patina from the previous owner's hands on the arms. The leather is cleaned and conditioned. Linseed oil has been hand rubbed into the wood in an effort to preserve the look for the next few decades. The not that have framed was pinned to the chair when we found it. We think its best if it accompanies the chair to its new home. 


1930s Art Deco Dry Bar

This Dry Bar was found at an Estate Auction in Venango County.  We can't tell you who the original owners were, but they clearly loved this piece.  It' sits in our showroom in the condition that we found it. Very clean. 


Early 1900 Oak Drop Front Desk. 

We walked past this Oak Drop Front Desk twice.  It was in relatively rough condition.  The backing boards had fallen off and it was covered in all sorts of creepy stuff. Well, it wound up in our shop and we pulled it all apart, replaced the backing boards with lumber from the period, gave it a good scrubbin, and put it all back together. It's rare to find the old mirror that's in this one that is still in good condition.  We didn't remove the original shellac that they used, but we hand rubbed it with linseed oil,  (3 coats). The resulting patina is soft, not shiny, and there are some time marks in the wood.  This wasnt abused, but it was certainly well used. WE EVEN HAVE THE ORIGINAL KEY!

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